Justin Don

Justin Don is a new artist out of Detroit, MI. He is also the founder & owner of Don Records LLC (a record label) and Kaizoku Music Publishing Company (BMI). On Halloween 2018 Justin's first project 'Will of the D' released and its impact continues to grow daily.

Check out his project and follow along on Instagram, Twitter, and/or Facebook because we guarantee theres more to come. Justin has been working very hard and he has so many great things planned for y'all in 2019. Justin's work ethic is one of kind, but that's not what makes him such a threat. His talent and creativity are something the world has yet to see, and his potential appears to be boundless.

Will Of The D (Debut Project)

The idea for Justin’s first project, "Will Of The D", came while Justin was 20 years old living Downtown Detroit.  Justin moved Downtown to hone his music skills and pursue his dreams.  On February 14th, 2018, Justin's 22nd birthday, he decided it was time to quit practicing and time to start acting.  That is when he released his first song, “I Got It”.

The album contains 14 songs created at different stages in Justin's musical journey.  Some of these songs, such as Everyday Shit, were created while Justin was living Downtown, while other songs such as Waves were created during the album creation process.  This resulted in each track having its own mood and style leading to a unique, one of a kind listening experience.

The beginning

The fall after graduation Justin left his childhood home for the first time at 18 years old.  He moved to Mt. Pleasant to attend Central Michigan University where he spent his freshman year living in the dorms.  He stayed in Carey Hall, one of many dorms packed into a single building called The Towers. Justin, an only child, was going to live with 2 roommates in the dorms. One of the roommates was a friend from high school named Jomi. The other roommate was a mystery, they were going in blind. When they finally opened their eyes and took off the blindfold, they saw an eccentric bearded man. That man’s name is Robert Marrocco.

Rob was very artistic, in fact he was, and still is, pursuing a career in film.  He’s won multiple 1st place awards in major film festivals and he also has a YouTube channel called Gretta Nanners. He was the kind of guy who brought a lot of things with him to college that your typical freshman wouldn't.  One of those things was his keyboard.  Of all the random stuff Rob brought with him, the keyboard was easily the most memorable and the most used.  He would play songs and sing on that keyboard like a pro, and the girls loved it.  This motivated Justin and his other roommate, Jomi, to learn piano too.  This was Justin's first experience creating music.

After college Justin decided to dive deeper into music.  He bought a keyboard, a beat pad, and Ableton and started making beats, or trying to at least.  Justin realized after a few weeks of trying to make beats by himself that it would be easier, and more fun, to learn to make music from someone else. He knew a guy named Patrick from his high school who made beats and actually released a song with another guy from our area. That guy’s name was Dom and he was a rapper. Justin had mutual friends with Patrick and decided to hit him up to see if he wanted to make music. Lucky for Justin, Patrick said yes and told him to come over right away. That moment was the catalyst for all of this. Justin and Patrick started to work on music together 5 days a week, Monday thru Friday, and over the next few weeks Patrick taught Justin the fundamentals of music and production. After a couple months, Justin started feeling like he would never be happy or content just being a producer. It wasn’t because he didn’t like producing, but it was because he couldn’t envision a future for himself where he would be happy as a producer. So, he stopped making beats and started writing and recording songs.  He practiced for about a year and then moved to an apartment in Detroit with his buddy Patrick Hannah. This is where Justin was able to really hone his craft.

After the year flew by Justin decided to move back home to save some money.  He continued to write, record, and practice music but wasn't able to put as much time into music as he used to.  This was because he started an internship as a financial representative and was starting his junior year of college.  Not wanting to miss out on his chance to live his dreams,  Justin got back to making music and decided to call up the nearest studio to record a song called I Got It, which later was renamed Romance Dawn on Justin’s debut project: Will of the D.  This ended up being the spark that changed everything.  Today, that spark is now a fire that is growing bigger everyday.  Justin’s first album has been released, his following is growing exponentially, and he is getting ready to release a collaborative project featuring himself and an artist named Big Juicy.  He’s opened his online store, Justin Don Shop, and the shop is earning revenue. He’s started booking and doing live performances, including headlining a 45 minute set in New York City and a local show hosted by himself and Big Juicy as the headlines, with a bill put together by them. He’s on his way. Stay tuned…

- Summer 2018


Haven’t added to this since I first started my website. A lot has happened since then, but don’t worry! I am working on updating my wikipedia page replacement that looks better, is easier to use, and I have full control of. I would also like a wikipedia page, though, don’t get me wrong. That being said, I will put my updated About Justin page public before the end of 2019. I want to tell my story as best as I possibly can, through these letters turned to words projected through a black mirror that will proceed to send my message to whoever you are that is receiving this, branding my memories through vision tunnels into your mind’s eye…

- Summer 2019