1st Quarter (2019)

Might be on a bill for my first official shows 3/28/-3/31 in Detroit.  Got an email from a manager of a Nashville based band called Last Stars (pop music) and she asked if I’d be interested in being on the bill!

Papaya Released on Christmas of 2018 (Available Everywhere)

Papaya Released on Christmas of 2018 (Available Everywhere)

Nothing’s set in stone but it’s time for me to start practicing performing and get a bill together so I’m ready to perform whenever and wherever.

This is the type of stuff that’s so fun and rewarding and it inspires me to make better music because I go into making every song with so much more purpose.  It makes me want to get the song right.  Good beat, good lyrics, good flows, good melodies, good takes, good mix, good artwork...

I have about 20 studio reference tracks recorded and almost ready for release but there’s no rush and I’m trying to get features on some of them.

dad n’ doge 🐶

dad n’ doge 🐶

The plan for 2019 starts with a song on NYE at midnight.  The song is about bud light and drinking lol.

Next me and big juicy are gonna release a 8-track project together.  We have all 8 songs recorded and have plans to go to the studio and get them mixed lined up for this weekend.  We also have Paul Virlan, the same artist who made the cover art for my project Will of the D, making our projects artwork and we’ve already started talks with him about ideas. 

Project should be all ready for release in January.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays ❤️🎄🎁



Merry Christmas and Happy New Years if your reading this ily <3

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