It's Over 9000!!!!

This week was crazy!  Our Justin Don Music Facebook page hit the 100 likes/follows milestone and is already almost at the 200 milestone!  The goal is to keep up the growth on the Facebook page so we can reach 1000 likes/follows before the end of May.  I think it should be easy money though so I might have to raise the goal a lil higher.

Monday night I was supposed to record takes for the last song on the album.  I ended up finding out we wouldn't be able to record at like 7pm (my session was supposed to be at 9pm).  There was a new up and coming artist who was having a birthday party / listening party for her 2 new singles.  She just got picked up to the label owned by the owners of the studio.  She has major star potential for reall.. I am excited to see another member of the Mix Factory squad make it happen for themselves.

My producer/engineer told me to come through for the party to network so obviously I did.  I got there and walked into Studio 1000 to a bunch of people bumping to Haileyy's (the artist I was just talking about) music.  There were tons of artists, producers, DJs, managers, and industry people at this event and it was amazing to get to meet with these people and get to know them.  I met a bunch of dope artists and we plan to work on some music together in the future.  And to top the night off I got to meet Andre Drummond!  He's a regular at the Mix Factory and I've only said what up to him and nothing more since he always seemed to be in a rush to get to the studio.  That man puts in work.

This networking/listening party went amazing.  The only thing that would have made it better would have been if my Don Records business cards would have came in time for it.  These cards are so fresh.  Whenever I hand them to people they are instantly impressed with how they feel and start rubbing it with their fingers.  Its crazy how powerful a high quality business card and professionalism can get you.

My business cards started working their magic for me right after I got them.  I went to the studio tonight (April 27, 2018) and I brought some cards with them.  While I was waiting in the main room a group of guys walked in to get some studio time.  They asked me if I was an Eminem wanna be rapper which was funny as hell and I said nah and handed them by business card.  They looked up my name and the guy started playing one of my songs through his phone and he held it to his ear.  After a couple minutes he paused it and asked my if I charge for features!  I was shocked by the question and didn't know what to say so I fucked up and said no.  Honestly idgaf at all though because they let me know that my music is good enough to sell features.  Thats whats uppp am I right?

The power moves made this week don't end there.  As I just said I went to the studio tonight.  I recorded the last song I needed to record for my album, Royal, and fixed the chorus for the song Lovin'.  I also received the rough mixes/chops of 8 songs that will be on the album.  I've been listening to them all day and they are coming together just like I planned.  With those 8, the 2 I recorded tonight, and the 2 I have released, I have 12 of the 14 songs close to done or done.  The last 2 I recorded awhile back but I fucked the takes up so bad we chalked them and I'm gonna polish up the ideas and redo them.

The final power move made this week might be the most exciting for me personally.  I received the artwork I paid Paul Virlan to create for my album cover and CD.  He designed the cover art, the back cover art, the CD, and he is working on a booklet as well.  The hard copy of the album is so icy it makes me want to start collecting albums!

Jusin Don