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When I first started putting the art together for this album, I had a crappy little graphic I made myself in paint. Before making that I had made cover art for 4 of my songs. I was not good… and I put out 2 of them (I Got It & Distance). Of the 2 I didn’t release, 1 of trash but the other is the best one I’ve ever made. I plan on using that one in the future ;)

After accepting I couldn’t do my own cover art yet, I was lucky enough to have a guy who has helped me out a lot starting off, SOB Production, reach out to me offering to make me cover art for free. This was a game changer. All my cover art after the songs I Got It and Distance came from SOB Production. He’s a bro, does good business, and is a really talented artist.

I was actually considering asking SOB to make my album art at first. I considered sending him the graphic I made and asking him to do the art. I decided I would go and see what other options I had first.

I went on the website called Fiverr and looked up cover art. I ended up seeing an artist named Paul Virlan who really stood out to me. His past work was amazing! He also would give you everything you needed to print CD’s and Vinyl’s of the record. That includes the little booklet that comes with the CD and a custom CD design.

Virlan is a passionate artist, and he makes his art in a very particular way

Before we even set the deal he started asking me about my album and the concept behind it, listening to my music, reading some of my lyrics, and anything else he could think of that would let him see my vision for himself. In the end he accepted the project and said my concept for the email is something he would want to work on.

I literally got interviewed lmao. I was shitting my pants but I was confident he would like everything especially once I told him the inspiration behind my album’s concept & title.

He ended up finishing the project fast as a motherfucker. He was a phenomenal worker. He worked so fast and with so much inspiration it got me inspired.

He would send me his progress every couple of days and ask what I thought of it, I gave feedback, he might ask some questions about my vision, and other shit like that. After a couple weeks of doing that we reached our final product.

Ended up being crispier than I could of imagined it would be.

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Justin Don

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