BLUE EYES AVAILABLE EVERYWHERE 3/15/2019! This project was made w/ a fellow artist from my area. If you don’t know him yet, his name is Big Juicy.

Juicy and I have the same mindset when it comes to working on music. We met in the DMs on IG and ended up making 2 songs that same day. We took these songs to the Mix Factory and rerecorded our takes. DJ DDT mixed and mastered the songs and we released them.

From there, Juicy asked me if I wanted to make a project w/ me and I said sure why not. We decided to make the project on the shorter side (ended up doing 8-tracks) because we both had solo projects we wanted to release in 2019. That being the case, we worked hard as hell to get the songs done as fast as possible. In about 2 months Juicy and I wrote 8 songs and got them recorded, mixed, and mastered.

After we got the music done I took things into my own hands and put together titles for every song. After that, I sequenced the album and uploaded everywhere to be released (along w/ submitting it to billboard).

In regards to the artwork, I was planning on getting it done by Paul Virlan, the guy who designed my first project, Will of the D. You’ve got to check out the artwork on the project, its beautiful. The CD design, booklet design, and case design he made also looked amazing. Instead of going with Paul though, something else happened.

I was getting together money to pay for artwork when fate gave me my cover art. I was over at my cousins house celebrating my birthday with my family and my cousin brings up this photoshop assignment he is doing for class. My cousin, Joey, is a fan of Bob Ross and had bought the Bob Ross painting set awhile back. He painted a ton of Bob Ross paintings and they all ended up looking just like the ones Bob paints. One of those paintings my cousin uploaded into photoshop where he reimagined the painting. The reimagined painting is the cover art of the album now. Once I saw the artwork I thought it was sweet, but it wasn’t til I was at home later that night I knew it was perfect. I texted my cousin and asked him to send me it right away and he did.

What made me want to use this as the album artwork was the fact that my cousin made, the fact that it is such a unique looking piece of art that was made in an original, innovative way, and the fact that the title of the project Big Juicy and I decided on was Blue Eyes, and this dope ass picture my cousin made.

What do you think of the cover art? Let me know in the comments down below.

Justin Don


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