Blunt Talk Ep. #1


So I just made this ‘Blunt Talk’ vibe up because I was about to do some Don Talk but I was also about to spark a blunt and I figured Blunt + Don Talk = Blunt Talk. Basically, this will be me typing down everything I am thinking when I am at the peak of my high. Normally at the peak of my high I’m lost in the sauce somewhere or floating in my bed but today I will be documenting. High thoughts start… now!

For some reason my brain feels like this is similar another version of lucid dreaming. I guess it kind of is…

Lucid dreaming is a skill one must obtain, and one of the practices many people practice and teach as members of the lucid dreaming community is writing a dream journal. So when your dreaming your there but your not and when you wake up your confused. How is that any different than how a guy feels after facing a blunt. My point exactly.

P.S.: I haven’t even sparked the blunt yet….

*sparks blunt*


What the fuck is up with zodiac signs? I never payed them any mind my whole life and because of that I thought I didn’t believe in them. That’s until the other day I looked up aquarius zodiac sign on google and the first box that popped up before I even clicked a webpage was me to a fucking T. So many other people believe in it too, so many in fact that even if you discount the group of girls who convince themselves to become their zodiac sign so they feel like they’re fitting in and not missing out, the correlation is still eerie. Currently I am on the phase of finding out what Zodiac signs “I am more likely to be” compatible with in an intimate relationship, and what Zodiac signs I am most likely to get along with or be friends with. If anyone wants to tutor me lmk

Best Regards,

Justin Don