I booked my first show and im headlining. It’s a 45 minute set. This should be interesting…

These are the songs I'm thinking of performing. Not 100% on all of these choices yet and I still need to pick the order I'm going to perform each song. Kind of feels like I'm sequencing an album again.

This is 35 minutes worth of music and I was aiming for 30 minutes of music and 15 minutes of talking and stuff on stage. I threw in an extra song or two so I have stuff to play just in case. I want to make sure I'm prepared because theres no second takes when performing live.

Like when I’m in the studio or at home writing songs, Im able to get comfortable and take my time. I have as much time as I need to make my content high quality before I release it and thats what everyone normally sees. This is going to be 45 minutes of a view behind the curtain.

Showing ppl behind the curtain/performing live is something that I've wanted to be able to do, and recently I've been wanting to do it now more than ever. I've been getting more confident in my vocal chords capabilities and I've been getting more consistent.

New York, New York

New York, New York

I'm just talking out loud at this point but I guess the point of me saying all this is that I hope I am able to perform an the level I know I can. I want to be strong and confident, and be able to not let any self conscious thoughts stop me from pursuing my passions and dreams.

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