Justin Don - Dusk

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The third volume in a thought-provoking concept trilogy, laced with rap and R&B influences.





Justin Don is an artist hailing from the Detroit metro area. Although his style is deeply rooted in the rap scene, it is not easy to place his music in a category. In fact, Justin’s sound is extremely fresh and diverse, giving listeners a unique insight into his creativity. From rap to indie and even R&B, anything goes. This talented artist is indeed a true master at channeling a wide variety of musical influences, but in such a way the sound never feels like a trite re-composition of some other artist’s music, but rather something quite original, as a labor of love and passion for the music itself.

The album actually features 7 original studio tracks, each bringing a fresh and insightful vibe to the mix and depicting Justin Don’s unflinching creative vision.

Recently, he has released a new project titled “Dusk.” This is actually the artist’s third full-length album and the third installment of a trilogy of releases from Justin. This trilogy project features “Will Of The D,” “Dusk” and “Down,” and it is actually known as the “Will of the D” trilogy, after the first installment! These 3 concept albums come together as one single piece of music, creating a very powerful message.

This third record packs a lot of punch in terms of sounds and vision. This album is particularly impressive because it combines energy and melody in equal doses. On this album, Justin Don has a really special approach to production, with a sound that feels clear and sophisticated, yet warm and organic. In addition to the world-class production aesthetics, the song is also lifted up the artist’s remarkable performer, displaying a very dynamic vocal style that brings energy and vibrancy to the table, seamlessly blurring the lines between different styles and ideas.

At times, you come across artists who merely try to push their popularity agenda and entertain the audience with their music. In other situations, you stumble upon artists who aim for something much greater than that: to create a meaningful and lasting connection with their audience, ultimately expressing themselves and sharing their creative vision with whoever is there to listen. This is definitely the core idea behind this trilogy of albums, and the quality is very consistent through and through. It’s amazing to hear the concept unfold, release by release, and who knows what the future might bring! Is the trilogy over, or is there going to be more albums on the way? Let’s just say one thing: time will tell!

Some artists seem to pigeonhole themselves in a single category, but in this case, Justin Done managed to really bring home a diverse and forward-thinking sound, that has a very distinctive spirit. From conception to fruition, this release really hits the mark, and it certainly highlights the artist’s exciting identity. We are certainly gonna stay tuned and look forward to checking out what the future holds in store for Justin Don, who is increasingly gaining the attention of audience members and critics alike!

Ultimately, if you like hip-hop and R&B with a modern touch, you should definitely not miss out on this release. If you are a fan of artists such as Drake, Mac Miller, Post Malone or Joey Bada$$, you are certainly going to enjoy this one. I am always a big supporter of artists who challenge the status quo and often try to come up with innovative ways to release their music. I love the theme of the albums, and concept releases always seem to add continuity to a creative flow of an artist, letting the listeners appreciate the unique growth and the progression of the music itself. 

“Dusk” is different from the previous albums in the trilogy, in the sense that it explores a different mood and feels like a progression of the same narrative, much like reading a different chapter of a gripping book that’s an absolute page-turner.

Find out more about Justin Don, and listen to “Dusk.” This amazing release is going to be available on the web starting from the second of August, 2019, when it will premiere via Youtube. Tune in and check it out:


Justin Don

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