The Emerald City

Spent last weekend in Seattle.  Flew out there with my buddy Mark to visit my childhood friend Charlie.  He just graduated from Michigan State University and is entering the real world.  Hes taking an amazing first step with an internship at Boeing so hes about to be ballin pretty soon which is hype.  Hype as it is tho, this trip felt like it was a milestone.  This milestone was the end of being young kids and the beginning of the real world.  As I start to focus on music, my good friends are moving into the real world of corporate America.  The fact that this trip was a milestone was something we could all feel from the second Charlie picked Mark and I up from the airport. 

Us 3 have made a tradition of traveling somewhere together at least once a year.  Normally we spend the trip trying to see all the tourist sites in the city and then spend the night boozing.  Since we had already done the tourist thing in Seattle a year or so back, we just hung out in Charlie's crib most of the day, and went to Grim's (the best bar in Seattle hands down) at night.

Grim's is a 3 story bar located in downtown Seattle's Capitol Hill.  The name Capitol Hill is very misleading and makes no sense but it is the main bar strip in the city.  Grim's is pretty famous and is one of the only bars in Seattle that charges cover because there is a line out the door every night if you don't get there before 10pm.  The first floor of Grim's has a bar, a small dance floor, and a few places to sit.  It is kind of a smaller, hybrid version of the 2nd and 3rd floor of the place.  You can see a bouncer standing next to what looks to be a staircase and you walk over to them to be allowed to the 2nd and 3rd floor.  The 2nd floor is a lounging area filled with couches and tables.  It's a great place to get away from the action for a minute to chill or to find a quiet place to talk to friends or a girl you met on the dance floor.  The 3rd floor is the main dance floor and it is pretty wild up there.  There is a bar and bathrooms so you don't even have to leave the action since everything you need is already right in front of you.  What makes this dance floor so special though are the DJ's.  I've never heard such a great mix in my entire life.  It felt like the music never got old and every song was a banger.

After boozing for about 48 hrs the boys decided it would be a good idea to go hike a mountain to sweat it out.  We hiked some mountain to a famous point called Rattlesnake Ledge which ended up being one of the most amazing views I've ever seen.  Its hard to say if it was worth it or not though because the hike up the mountain I almost had a heart attack.  There were also baby chipmunks or squirrels (idk the difference)  at the top and I ended up feeding 2 of them with some peanuts we brought as a snack.  If you guys want to see the view from Rattlesnake Ledge or me feeding the squirrels you can find the pictures on my Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter pages.

We did a bunch of other misc. stuff on the trip but I've already been writing way longer than I planned to and I have to get back to the stu.  Before I do though, I want to point out that milestones can be emotional things, but they are inevitable.  The only thing that can be controlled is what milestones you choose to strive for and reach.

Justin Don

Justin Don