Growing up

This is going to be a little more personal of a blog then I have posted in the past but I have some stuff to get off my chest that I can’t currently do through music. I don’t feel like bullshitting anymore so I will just get into it right away.

I am going to talk in this blog about the 2 things in my life that are negatively affecting me. Everything else in my life is perfect, but these are the two things that are out of my control and I only know how to deal with them through venting or whatever.

#1 thing that is on my mind right now is my Dad’s surgery this morning. My Dad might have Cancer. Basically, he's great doctors and got second opinions, and some of them said he had cancer, some didn’t. My dad’s been smoking since he was a teenager like me so I’ve always expected this to happen one day and honestly, I think it prepared me for this challenge. When I say that, I mean I am emotionally prepared for this challenge. Well, my parents won’t tell me all the details, but I assume I’ll find out more tonight after the surgery.

The other #2 thing that is on my mind is something that’s been on my mind for a long time. After coming back home at 20 years old, after spending a year up at college at Central Michigan University #fireupchips and a year living downtown Detroit going to Wayne State University and making music, coming home was not something anybody was ready for. I finally was free from the toxic relationships that grew as a result of me and my parents being in the same house. I’m sure many people my age can relate to this. A lack of respect for boundaries and childish behavior from both my mother and father forced me to have to be the emotional parent a long time ago, but I just can’t do it anymore. It isn’t like im raising a kid where I chose to deal with some dumb shit. Atleast I could laugh at myself for being a dumbass and having kid’s at that point. I’ma have kids by the way. Those mofos are gonna be dope as shit too.

Whatever though, I’m done talking about this. Don’t want to bring more negative energy into the situation, I just had to vent some stuff off my chest. Everyone pray for my daddio he needs it. Love y’all lets keep spreading good energy, love, and friendship. That’s all that matters.

Justin Don

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