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Finally, I don’t have to record music in my room anymore. I know it doesn’t sound that bad, but let me break it down for you and then tell me you don’t agree.

Problems with making music in my room:

1) No A/C. This means I would record one song and be fully drenched in sweat. I also would make my room event hotter from being in there so much and I would have the windows open since I was normally smoking, making it flaming hot all Summer.

2) Spent too much time in my room. I would sleep, get dressed, smoke, play PS4, make music, do homework, and just straight up chill in my room. These are all parts of my daily life and the fact that I had them all stuffed into one little room is the crumiest shit ever man fr. I like chilling at the crib and all but I need a little change of scenery here in there to keep things fresh and spicy ya know?

3) Couldn’t have people over and have a comfortable space to hangout. My room was using every inch of space it had to its maximum ability. It made my room look cluttered and horderish. There was also only 1 chair and unless it was me and one other person it just wouldn’t be comfortable in there.

Thank god these problems are done with real talk. This new set up in the basement will act as my music and film studio, business HQ, and bachelor pad once I get everything to how I want it. If you want to watch the whole studio tour, it’ll be linked at the top and down below. Enjoy.

Justin Don

Justin Don Home Studio Tour