Kid Buu

“DEATH TO SOUNDCLOUD!” cried Kid Buu as he prepared to fight his toughest opponent yet. Inside sources claim that the explosion of new stars making a home at Soundcloud has lead to Soundcloud becoming one of the strongest forces in universe. Can Kid Buu defeated Soundcloud? Find out on the next episode of Dragon Ball Z!

Okay on a serious note, before I go in on Kid Buu (the rapper) I just have to say that fact that they didn’t bring back Kid Buu or at least Super Buu in Dragonball Super was very disappointing. They aren’t even giving him to us as a movie character. I think I can speak for most Dragonball fans when I say it would be fucking electric if Buu came back with a new transformation and played the role of the villain.

kid buu chain.jpg

I guess until that day comes, Kid Buu the rapper will play the role of the villain. Now let me make it clear that I say this because of how he is getting received by the internet. I personally respect the guy. He knows how to put together full songs and music videos that are professional quality. He also understands the concept of branding very well, which is one of the hardest parts about being an artist.

Kid Buu really committed to his brand. He didn’t just get pink hair like I initially though. Nope. He went as far as getting the Majin symbol tattooed on his forehead. Now hes out here saying hes absorbing other rappers styles like Buu, and he has alot of the internet liking the gimmick! I think I like it myself haha.

His new thing he has been saying VERY recently is that he is a clone from Canada. To me it seemed like he surely was doing all of this for media attention and his brand, so I don’t believe it. I think I do believe cloning is possible though, at least to some extent. The deep state goes in fr fr.

kid buu gif.gif

What do you think of Kid Buu? Is he going to last in the game?

Justin Don