My 1st Show

Saturday, August 26th, 2018.  The day I did my first live show.  I woke up on this day at around 10 am to go to work.  I had a 11am-5pm shift and my time slot was set for 7:30-7:50.  That meant I would have to go immediately from work to my house to get ready and then from there straight to the venue for sound check.

Instead of letting it stress me out I distracted myself by watching the Logan Paul vs KSI live stream at work.  I can't like I was rooting for Jake Paul and I was pumped he won.  Logan Paul vs KSI I didn't care who won but I thought Logan would win.  I believed he would win even more after seeing him completely dominate KSI in the first 2 rounds.  The next 4 rounds though were all KSI's match.  The refs called it a draw but I think that KSI should have gotten the win.  He won 4/6 rounds and would have won 5/7 if there was another round.

ksi vs logan paul.jpeg

I honestly feel like the only reason the refs didn't give KSI the win was because Logan was such a monster in the first 2 rounds that he could have been mistaken as a professional UFC fighter.

Watching this fight didn't just help distract me from overthinking, it inspired me.  Seeing these young chaps my age go on stage in front of millions of people to fight made me realize that performing music in front of a couple hundred people was nothing.

5 o'clock came, the fight ended, and I clocked out of work.

I didn't go straight home after work.  Instead I went straight to the liquor shop near my house and bought 2 fireball shots.  As soon as I got home and chugged them both and got in the shower.  I got ready for the show and the women managing the venue told me I was up for sound check.  I hopped right in my car and went to the venue.

mini fireball.png

When I got there the nerves kicked in.  I went straight to sound check and didn't even get to meet anyone there.  I also didn't know anyone except the women, Wakako, who set up the event.

I was standing on stage in front of a group of strangers and I was about to perform my music live for the first time.  This wasn't the real deal yet but I was still scary as hell.  I was shitting my pants so I went to the piano first and played my song on there first.

I learned its way easier playing an instrument in front of people than it is to sing in front of people (at least for me).

After I finished playing my song on piano I jumped right into the sound check.  After the song started playing and I heard myself hit a couple notes something suddenly changed in me.  I was an artist performing.  I started to shift my focus away from anything and everything except putting on a good show for these people.

After I finished my sound check I was confident.

5th avenue.jpg

I was the opener for the show.  7:30pm came and the house was packed.  Over 200 people.  I had family and friends there this time too.  I walked up to stage at 7:30pm sharp and introduced myself.  I faked it til I made it until I got to the piano.  When I started playing I got back into that trance.  I started to shift my focus away from anything and everything except putting on a good show for these people.

Lucky for me the show was being taped and I got the v-roll of my performance.  If you want to watch Justin Don's very first live show UNCUT check out my youtube channel, JUSTIN DON MUSIC.  I'll throw links to my channel and the video at the top and bottom of this video.

Watch My First Live Show on my YT Channel Now!!!

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