New Season

Thanks to typical Michigan weather we skipped right over spring and went into summer this year.  Just finished finals and I start my internship next week.  That means its money season babyy!  It also means my schedule and life are going to change up a little bit.  At the beginning of a new semester, job, or project I like to start by writing down some goals for myself.  Writing down my goals is probably my biggest secret to getting things done.  There is something about putting your goals and dreams down on paper that makes you want to go out and make it happen.  If your someone who already goes out and makes it happen, writing shit down will add fuel to your fire I promise.  Since I am writing this blog now and I am trying to blog 1-3 times a week (I wrote this goal on paper when I started my website which I classify as a project), I am going to write my goals down on here.

I'll start with my music goals.  My first goal is to finish my album and have it ready for release in the fall.  I want a set date its going to be released and I want people to be able to preorder the album.  My second goal is to get done a couple of music videos.  This is going to be a tough goal for me to complete since I have never done a music video before and tbh I am kind of nervous about it.  I know when the time comes to do the video though I'll boss up and get it done like always so I'm not tripping about it at all.  My third goal is to start getting done some other singles I've been working on that I can follow up the album with.  My fourth goal is to get my social media presence up.  I want to get my Facebook page to 10,000 likes by the end of the summer and my Instagram to 5,000 followers.  My last goal is to do more on my YouTube channel then just music.  I have some ideas for vlog series and my childhood buddy Nate Ray said he wanted to help record some videos so that's looking like a sure thing.  I think the return of the chickens will be a good start to the vlog series.  What do y'all think?  Let me know by checking out my YouTube channel and commenting on some of my videos.

Next up is my life goals.  First and foremost I want to continue staying active and eating good.  I want to go to the gym and lift weights like usual but I also want to start training outside while it's nice out.  I need to get my cardio UP!!  Second and probably more importantly I want to spend a ton of time with my friends.  Now that I'm getting older and tons of people I graduated high school with are graduating college, I want to make sure to end this era of our lives on a strong note.  Tons of my friends and peers are going off to pursue their careers and are busy spending their time doing that Monday-Friday.  Just a couple years ago everyone I knew was home for the summer to make a little money and enjoy themselves.  Life goes so fast man...  Third, I want to do well at my internship and finish getting my AAMS certification.  Music is my dream and passion right now and I am putting my all into pursuing in, but I think its important to be realistic and have a back up plan.  I have no plans of leaving college and I am 100% committed to getting my bachelors degree from Wayne State University.  I'm a Finance major for anyone who is wondering.

I just realized you can turn comments on for these blogs so I'm going to start doing that here and there from now on.  If you enjoyed this blog or if this blog sparked any ideas in your head, comment down below and let me know what your thinking!  I love reading what you all think just as much as I love writing down what I think!

Justin Don