NYE 2019


2018 feels like it went by way too fast! To be fair though, thats what I say every year on New Years lol. In the spirit of the New Year I am writing this blog to summarize what I accomplished in 2018. I will include some highlights as well, and I also am going to put my New Years resolution at the end of this blog in order to keep myself held accountable. With that being said, lets take a look back at what I was doing 1 year ago today.

First, I am going to summarize my accomplishments in school and work:

1 year ago today I was at my friend's house for New Years. I had just gotten home from a family vacation in Florida less than 4 hours ago. A couple weeks later school started again and I ended up having my best semester to date, scoring magna cum laude and earning a place on the honor roll. I was working for Northwestern Mutual (an insurance company) as an intern still and I kept that up for the entire semester. Over the summer, I quit my job at Northwestern Mutual and start working at an apartment complex where I sold apartments. I did this for about 2 months until school started again. In my fall semester of school I did well but not as well as the previous semester, scoring only a 3.3 and not making the honor roll. I had a much harder schedule this time around though, and to be fair I was spending more time on my music than I had in previous semesters which surely affected my grades in some way. At the end of the year I have 7 more classes left until I graduate from Wayne State University with a bachelors in Finance.

Now, I am going to summarize my accomplishments in music this year:

At the beginning of 2018 I had not even released my first song yet, I was not promoting myself as a musician on social media, and I wasn’t sure what my plan for music was at all. I had been practicing music for almost 3 years and I knew I had to start releasing music officially soon or else I would miss my window after I graduated college. I decided late January that I was going to go to a professional studio and record a song. I had recorded at my house hundreds if not thousands of times, but I had no idea how to mix and master, at least not well, so I never knew what my music would sound like with the production I envisioned it having. That being said, this was the moment of truth on whether or not I would continue making music or not. 3 years of my life built up to 1 moment…

I got to the studio (Mix Factory One) and went to studio 1000 where I met my engineer, Johnny Storm. He asked if I had a beat already picked out and I showed him the beat on youtube. We downloaded it and started recording. I recorded the song I Got It (also known as Romance Dawn) and I heard something I liked at the end of our session. From there, I set up my first song, I Got It, to be released, and from there the wheels have not stopped moving. I released I Got It on February 22, 2018.

From here I continued to release singles all while I worked on my debut project Will of the D. I had a concept for a project planned out for over a year now and I wanted to release it out to the world no matter what. I ended up doing just that on Halloween 2018. I also released my first music video in 2018, my first AMV in 2018, my first 20 songs in 2018, my first website in 2018, and my first online store in 2018. I built a presence & following from scratch on platforms such as instagram, facebook, spotify, apple music, youtube, soundcloud, and many other sites as well. There were many more accomplishments made in 2018, but if I broke down every one in detail this would be a 100 page essay.


My resolution this year is simple: focus on strengthening and maintaining the relationships that are important to me. Also, just to be happy and make other people around me happy.

-Justin Don