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Been about a month since I wrote my last blog...  and it's been a very eventful month.

Right near the end of June I released the 4th single off my album on all platforms.  The title of the song is "More Love" for anyone who hasn't heard it yet.  The days leading up to the release of the song I spent in the studio doing finishing touches on the record.  This involved a few retakes and a polishing of the mix.  The polishing of the mix is something I wish I could help with but I really can't.  Thank god for engineers.

After releasing "More Love" I spent a couple more days working hard since I knew I wasn't going to get hardly anything done starting July 3rd until July 14th.  I had 2 vacations I was about to go on and America's birthday to celebrate.  My hands were tied.

The first vacation I went on was on July 3rd.  My buddy's and I decided to rent out a house on the water for the 4th of July.  We had a mad fun time.  Hard to go wrong with the boys, beer, bbq, and bi.... I mean girls.  For anyone who's interested in watching the boy's do stupid things while highly intoxicated I'll link a VLOG I posted to my YouTube channel.  The VLOG is just me documenting the trip and I think I did a damn good job considering I was tipsy at the most sober while taking all these videos.  Oh, and speaking of VLOGs...

Before I go into detail on my 2nd vacation I want to talk a little bit about the VLOGs I've been posting to my YouTube channel.  I've been posting my music on there for a couple months now and the traffic I got on YouTube to my songs was by far worse than every other platform it was competing with.  That changed quickly after I posted my first VLOG.

I made my first VLOG one morning when I woke up and decided I was just going to try and make the best VLOG I could and see what happens.  It was about 50% me driving and talking and 50% me walking around The Factory (the studio I record at) giving a tour of the 4000 room I was recording at on that particular day.  I'll have a link for that VLOG below as well.

After posting that video I noticed my videos started to weave into the algorithm more.  Since then I have posted a quick 20 second video and two more VLOGS.  I made those 2 VLOGS a short series called "On The Water".  My logic was if I was going to be on vacation I might as well get a videos of some fun stuff and make a VLOG out of it.  I have to say they were 100% worth making.

Before I go too deep down the VLOG rabbit hole I am going to talk about my 2nd vacation I took, BUT FIRST, I'm going to make a written commitment to start doing more planned out videos for my channel.  This is going to start with me getting more chickens and I have a notebook full of other ideas written down.  Not sure how any of the videos are going to turn out but to be honest that's the nice part about YouTube videos.  They aren't like a song that demands the perfectionists sides of me to the extreme.  They're just lite and they're fun.  And views ;).

The 2nd vacation was also on the water.  This was a family vacation that I go on every year.  We rent this awesome house on Lake Michigan and my entire family stays there.  There is no phone service at the house or at the beach and the Wi-Fi is hot trash.  We spend the day eating good food, drinking, kayaking, swimming, laying out, and going on adventures in the woods.  At night we continue eating and drinking but this time we do it by a nice fire.  

I spent a week on this 2nd vacation wih my family and it rejuvinated me completely.  I got home a few days ago and have spent most of my time since I got back taking care of business.  I'm committed to getting done a music video and my debut album asap so I can release them both in August.

Aside from the album and the music video I've been talking about so much the last few months I have a couple singles done for after the album, designs for clothes that I will have for sale on my website, CD/Vinyl copies of album for sale on my website, potential features in the works, new songs being written, my first shows in the next couple weeks.

This next week I am going to be in full album mode.  I have a lot to do to get ready and not very much time!  #iNeedAManager

Justin Don


Justin Don