PKMN [1/4]


February 27th, 1996. That’s 14 days after the day I was born. It’s also the day that Pokémon Red and  Green version were released in Japan. Today, the franchise is still kicking like it learned to kick from Joe Rogan. Nearly 25 years of dominant worldwide success make it hard to argue that Pokémon is one of the most successful franchises its industry has ever seen.

I’m not here to tell people what they already know or to break down the history of Pokémon’s growth and success though. While it would be a good way to put my soon to be Bachelors of Science in Finance to the test, I have something more interesting to talk about. Before I go into the story I want to ask you something.  Have you played Pokémon? If not, have you ever heard of Pokémon? If so, what’s some personal highlights that come to mind when you think of your memories playing Pokémon. Give me your answers in the comments down below! Finally, how did you first get introduce to the franchise, what game was it, and what was your experience playing it? Here’s my story...

Growing up, my oldest cousin Jonathan lived on the same street, in the same neighborhood, that I did. Not only was he my big cousin, but was also my friend, my babysitter, my hero, and my rival. We loved to compete against each other. Jonathan is VERY competitive. I fed into his competition as he would trash like crazy and rub wins in my face. He also was my hero and big cousin so I wanted to impress him by winning. I wanted to beat him so bad but never could until I was older. Still, I practiced and kept trying slowly but surely closing the gap in our skill level. To this day I don’t know if my hyper competitive nature is natural at all or if it is something I picked up spending so much time with him as a kid and teenager. I would put my money on it being a little bit of both. 

Looking back, these were some of my happiest memories and the best times of my life. There was one specific memory I made with him at that house that has been burnt vividly into my memory for almost 20 years. It is a memory that has survived the test of time and is one of those memories I’ll probably have until I get Alzheimer’s or die whichever come first. Hopefully death cause Alzheimer’s ain’t my cup of tea. Those memories started with The Pokemon Trading Card Game (TCG).

The Pokémon TCG was a phenomenon in America. It took the nations toy stores by storm, and as a kid, if you wanted to kick it with the cool kids on the playground you had to have some. I was a bit too young to feel the full effect of the Pokémon TCG phenomenon because by the time I was old enough to learn the card game and not just collect the cards Yu-Gi-Oh took over the card game scene at my elementary school and my mom only bought me cards when I went to target with her which wasn’t often enough to fund two TCG collections so I had to pick a side.  I picked Yu-Gi-Oh. That said, my big cousins, including Jonathan, we’re at the exact age that Nintendo Game Freak, the owner and creators of Pokémon, would call their target demographic. They would collect cards and show the cool ones to me I remember. I don’t remember how into it I was but I assume I must have already fell in love with Pokémon. I assume this because it seems like something I would like as a kid and even as the young man I am writing this blog today. I also assume this because one day when I was over at my cousin Jonathan’s house like usual when he gave me a copy of Pokemon Gold Version, my 1st Pokemon Game. The seed planet in me took root and sprouted all at once.

What was your 1st Pokémon game? Comment down below!

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