PKMN [2/4]


My first Pokémon game had just been handed to me from my big cousin Jonathan. It’s sparkly gold cartridge got me so excited. The rainbow bird Pokémon, whose name I’d used today to describe what it sounds like when I call someone a hoe with the tone of a question and they say no and then I say oh. Its name was Ho-oh.

The game was in my hands and as soon as I got my purple gameboy color in my hands I sat down and put the game in the cartridge. I just lost my Pokémon virginity. It felt right, I didn’t know what I was doing but I figured it out along the way, and once I got a taste I couldn’t get enough.

I turned on my GameBoy Color and the screen gained life.

As the cut scenes that I would end up watching thousands of times over started playing I turned up the volume of my Gameboy Color all the way. I made my way to meeting Professor Oak. When I found him, he told me some stuff about the Pokémon World and I spammed button mash, but most OP move in the game. Professor Oak told me to name my character so he could send me off on a journey around the country alone while he banged my mom. Yes, that is what is happening. Play Pokémon again and tell me it isn’t.

I got to name my character and started my journey to become a Pokémon Master.

My first journey I don’t remember specifically well because I played that game over and over along with it’s Silver Version and Crystal Version counterparts. I do remember my overall experience playing the game though, including how it made me feel, parts of the game that stuck out as hard or interesting, specific memories of important Pokémon battles, and more. I want to talk about those memories, but there’s a lot to unpack.  That being said, the structure this blog series has been written in will need to be changed to become more fluid. Pokemon blog part 3 coming soon!

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Pokémon Master