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As I mentioned at the end of part 2 of this Pokémon blog series, the solid structure used to write the first two parts of the blog would need to be more fluid. To try to give structure to that fluidity I have decided to highlight memories of mine chronologically in the order the game is played.  I’ll separate the memories by badges and pick one story, maybe two if they’re both favorites of mine, to tell for each badge. I’ll give an elite four story and my Ho-oh story next. After that, I’ll skip Kanto and top it off with my memory with defeating Red.

Johto Gym Badges

Johto Gym Badges

Badge 1: Looking back, nothing stands out to me here. That’s probably because every time I played this part of the game I did the same thing. Me and my Cyndaquil or Totodile shit on everything we saw until we made it to Sprout Tower. We shit on Bellsprouts and an owl that looks like he just smoked a dab, and then dipped out that bih to take on Faulkner the first gym leader. He was trash. The only way he could be even remotely challenging would be if you picked Chikorita, but if you picked a plant type starter, your trash. For the uninitiated, go to my YouTube channel and watch my sketch announcing and showing the Pokémon generation 9 starter Pokémon, or just click here. In that video I explain why plant Pokémon are trash and the assholes who pick them are trash (joking!).

Badge 2: Fucking Scyther. I know I’m not the only kid who got dildoed by Bugsy’s Scyther after thinking I was sweet because I just one shot his Metapod and Kakuna with my croconaw. I knew the Scyther was coming because I had cremated his bitch ass with my Typhlosion hella times but I didn’t see the punishment he’d give to my Croconaw coming.  This here was the first time I had to grind up to beat a gym leader.

Badge 3: Whitney’s Miltank kicking my ass every time I played the game.

Badge 4: Growing up I used to go to England to visit my Dad’s side of the family basically every year. I have this random distinct memory of fighting the fourth gym leader Morty’s Gengar with my Croconaw while on a train with my dad during a rainy day. That’s it.

Badge 5: Growing up I also used to go to Florida every year to visit my grandparents and to get together with my moms side of the family. I have another random distinct memory of being in the room with my cousin Harry and our moms. For some reason an image of a Shellder I found fishing on the Olivine City beach stuck with me too. Maybe it’s because it fit the aesthetic around me irl?

Badge 6: Don’t remember anything here so I’ll tell a story instead. During one of my London trips I was super into Gold Version and had been playing a ton during traveling time and while spending days at my Dadima’s house. One day while in my Dadima’s living room, my cousin who was my age came over.  He asked to play my game and I didn’t want to let him because I had just caught Ho-oh and was nervous he would mess up my game somehow. Also, I’m an only child so as a kid I wasn’t always the best at sharing. The adults in the room made me let him play so I did.

Some time passed.

I went back and saw what he was doing and he started a new game! I was pissed... but there was hope. I started throwing a fit as I would do when I was a kid and I got the game back when the parents came in the room. I turned the game off and back on. I pressed continue and hoped my old file would still be there. It wasn’t. Never saw that cousin again either lmao.

Badge 7: Catching Red Gyrados every time I played the game.

Badge 8: Catching Ho-oh for the first time I played Gold version.

Elite Four: This one time my parents were doing some Sunday cleaning on a sunny summer day while I jumped around on our couch fighting Lance. I remember getting pumped up from this music every time I heard it. Looking back, this was one of the first, if not the first song I’ve ever liked.

Red: Beating Red was the culmination of hundreds of hours of gameplay. The final battle against the strongest trainer in the game by far. I went in without any extra training beforehand. That’s when my team met it’s match to Red’s Blastoise. I tried over and over again to win but kept getting the same result. I needed another Pokémon and the choice was obvious. Snorlax!

I pulled my Snorlax out of the box, put the exp. share on, and ran through the elite four until he was strong enough to fight. I took him to Red and our final fight began. I used the same plan I was using until Blastoise came in and I switched to Snorlax. I was pretty bad so I used rollout instead of body slam, but it ended up being just the right move. Rollout and Snorlax took the spare and knocked down the rest of reds team. Gg.

P.S. I also had a Red Gyrados on my team too! Forgot to mention that lol…

What’s your best memory you have with Pokémon? Let me know in the comments down below!

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