The progress this week was insane!  As of today all of the takes for the album are just about done and the mixing and mastering of each track is in the process of getting done too!  From there me and the team at the studio just have to go through and clean up all the little stuff.

Music was not the only place progress was made.  In this last week I contacted a professional artist who made me play 20 questions with him AND he had to screen my music to make sure this was a project he would enjoy doing.  Luckily he accepted the project so right now he is working on designing the album art and the physical album itself (booklet, cd, tracklist, etc).

With the album cover and the music getting close to being done I figured it was time to get the ball rolling and start kicking my social media into high gear.  Now let me tell you, high gear is an understatement.  In this one week I have grown my following and presence on social media platforms I haven't touched in years if ever such as Facebook and Twitter.  I also created a website and started a page on ReverbNation.  

Speaking of social media, I created a reddit account.  I want to create a subreddit community so I encourage everyone to head over to my sub reddit when its open (I can't create it for 2-3 weeks still because of Reddit's user guidelines).

With this social media kick in full affect I realized how important it is to have content to post on social media.  That is why this Friday I am going to get professional brand/mood pictures done.  After these photos are done I will have professional pictures of me and a professional design for my album.  I'm hoping the combination of these two things is as big a boost to my brand as I can envision it...

Just wanted to come in here and type this update.  Honestly I typed this mostly for myself because I plan on going back and readying all these blog posts one day... so if I start dragging on and rambling through random thoughts then I start dragging on and rambling through random thoughts ya feel mee?

Justin Don