Really Something

Just released my 5th song.  This is my favorite song I've released to date by far.  I have it on repeat lmao.

This also the first song I released that isn't going to be on Will Of The D.  I just got the music video done for the release and I am still waiting on the final mixes and masters so I decided to release this song in the meantime.

I Got It (but with a trackout mix), Distance, Waves, and More Love will all be on Will Of The D.

The music video is for Waves and will come out the same day as the album.

Everything has been moving in the right direction these last couple of weeks.  The album is nearly done, my first music video is nearly done, I did my first show, opportunities to work with bigger artists are opening up, and opportunities on the business end of things are opening up as well. 

This single is the icing on the cake.


Justin Don