Roblox Roadblocks

I intended to release my first album and music video this month.  Unfortunately, unexpected roadblocks are making that hard to accomplish.

You won't believe it when I tell you, but, my engineer got throw in jail for a week because he didn't take a drivers class.  This happened the morning I was supposed to go in to the studio to implement upgrades to a song called "Ride".  This is the last song on the album that I need to record on.  I already have the song done, but I'm not happy with the version I have right now.  After I got done my takes on this song all that would be left to do was mixing and mastering.

The plan for mixing and mastering was to have the albums executive producer, Johnny Storm, add his final touches to all the mixes.  Then, IV Duncan, multi platinum and grammy winning producer would add his touches to all the mixes.  From here the album would be mastered and the .wav files for each track would be sent over so I could prepare for the release.  This is still the plan, but it is happening on a delayed schedule, thanks to the douche bag judge who throws people in the jail for a over a week just because they didn't do a driving class...  Either way, I will get the final takes for the album done Monday.  After that it will just be a patience game while I wait for the final mixes and mastering to get done.

Regarding the video, I am going in Sunday to sit down with DDT (he recorded and is editing the video) and put together the music video.  We were missing a piece of technology we needed to get the film onto the computer so every time me and DDT saw each other since recording the video we were unable to access the footage.  I hope to get this video done Sunday.

I planned to release my 5th single before I released my album too.  This single would be different from the first 4 I've dropped because it isn't a song that is going to be on the album.  I just want to get more music out for y'all.  This was also a track I planned to get the final mix when I went to the studio, but I couldn't get the mix done because Johnny was LOCKED UP FOR NOT TAKING A DRIVING CLASS.  I have the art work for this track and I am ready to get things done.

Overall, I just need to get the mixes/masters done for the album and this single.  I will need to do a few takes, but the recording for these songs is VERY, VERY CLOSE to being done. I have the album art work ready and the single art work ready, so I am just waiting on the music and visuals.

 After this Monday, it will be a waiting game for the final mixes/masters and the music video.


I have been trying to get my picture up on my apple artist profile for ever now.  Luckily, I finally was able to get it up.  I really wanted to get my picture up on there before the album released, and I am so happy it is.

The roadblocks threw the plans off the tracks for a minute, but the destination is still the same!


Justin Don

Justin Don