God Bless America

Two weekends ago, on Memorial Day, I decided I was going to take a week or so off to get away from music to recharge, spark new ideas, and spend time with family & friends.  I also was starting my summer internship the Tuesday after Memorial Day so it just made sense to take this time to relax.  I was able to get a strong start working at Northwestern Mutual (the place im interning) and get back into a good schedule at the gym.  I also finally fixed my sleep schedule lmao, anybody who knows me knows how bad my schedule was....  Besides the gym and interning I spent my time with friends, at the bar, and playing Fortnite.  Its important to work hard but its also important to enjoy the fruits of your labor from time to time as well.

Today I decided it was time to get back to work on music and my career.  I'm going to Seattle on Thursday and I want to head there knowing I've gotten everything I need to do done.  Plus, when I get back from Seattle I'm going to be back in album mode and grinding even harder than before.  It will be easy to transition into the album mode mindset if I take care of the busy work now.

I made 3 new songs today and they all were smashes.  I'm almost to the point where ever song I make is something I want to release.  They're all unique vibes too.

That being said I have music in the vault that I got release but I am not sure what pace I should be releasing music at.  Feedback on that would be GREATLY appreciated.

Stay tuned with the shenanigans I'll be getting into while I'm in Seattle on instagram/facebook, and just in case you miss out, I'll be sure to make a blog summing up the highlights of my trip when I'm home.

Justin Don

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