Wagon Wheel

Went to the Wagon Wheel last night (great way to start a story am I right?).  It was bumping there way more than usual.  You couldn't walk a step without bumping into someone and it took forever to get drinks lmao.  The reason it was so busy was because kids I went to high school with were all home for the summer.  Its become a sort of tradition to hit the Wagon Wheel that first weekend back to catch up with people you haven't seen in awhile.

It was mad fun last night and I had an amazing time catching up with everyone.  Of course I had a pitcher and some shots too which make any night 10x better haha.  The best part of the night though was the amount of people coming up to me saying they like my music and that they were excited to hear more.  I was blown back by how many people knew about it.  I know I've been posting it all over social media and buying ads but I guess I just didn't expect as many people to know as they did.  That shit got me so inspired.  I had a bunch of kids talking to me about how they wanted to collab (which I'm always down for as long as the quality is right ;)) which got me excited too.  I'm all about the hometown roots so working with people from the area is something I look forward to.  I only think I look forward too more in the collab dept is working with the big dogs like Drake and Post Malone. 

Justin Don