Went to a wedding this weekend.  The people getting married were family friends of ours but I didn't know them that well and everyone there was way older than me so it was pretty awkward until I got to the open bar lmao.  Once the bar opened I started drinking with the adults though things got a little more interesting.  I probably had 5 all day ipas, 5 glasses of champagne, and 2 glasses of wine over a span of 2-3 hours so I was litty city.  I was literally the perfect drunk the entire time and never got wasted enough that you could pick me out from all the other drunk people.

I forgot to mention that the wedding was in a barn.  There was 2 DJ's (idk how a second dj makes a difference but 2 is usually better than one so w/e) and like I mentioned the open bar.  I think its pretty easy to imagine what that combo brings.  When it reached the point of the night when it was time to dance after the groom & bride and daddy daughter dances, the cringe began.  None of the adults wanted to get on the dance floor so all the grandmas got up and started assembling groups of people to hit the dance floor.  I went up to dance with everyone cause on the low I like dancing and I was not gonna be that guy who just sat there while people danced lmao.

The grandmas were surprisingly efficient in their pursuit to get people to the dance floor, and once they got people to the dance floor it turned out to be one of the most cringe worthy and hilarious things I've ever seen.  It was funny not in the mean way, but in the way when you see something you didn't think you would ever see for the first time.  Literally all the grandmas were dancing together and they were going hard.  At the same time there was a bunch of drunk dads flopping around and a few couples making out and grinding in an environment neither of those things would normally happen lmao.

I hadn't been to a wedding for years, but after going to this wedding I'm excited for all the weddings to come in the future.

Justin Don

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