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Contact us at by email regarding anything from business inquiries to complaints about a faulty product coming from Justin Don Shop and we will do everything we can to resolve your issue as fast, effectively, and efficiently as possible.


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BOOKING & Features

  • All inquiries to work and/or do business with recording artist ‘Justin Don’ must be sent via email to Inquiries should give as much relevant information as possible.

    • These inquiries could be but are not limited to: booking, publishing, distribution, collaboration, and brand deals.

  • All inquiries for Justin Don to feature on another artists track currently are being sold for a set rate. This set rate is rising fast and could change at any time. Unless negotiated otherwise, artist who’s track Justin is featuring on must provide the instrumental, the studio time, and pay for the mix & master of the track.

    • Buy Feature Here:

      • Verse (8 bars) — $150

      • Verse (16 bars) — $250

      • Chorus — $500

      • Will work creatively with you to creative a 3 track joint project w/ a music video for one of the songs — $10,000